User Guide for Boris Red

Hi, can anybody tell me how I can obtain a User Guide for Boris Red? I have Avid FX 6, not sure if that equates to Red 5.


The links are here : Boris FX | Documentation however, the red, fx and graffiti links are currently not working. I’ve asked our webmaster to take a look and I’ll let you know when they are again live. Shouldn’t take too long.


The links to the RED documentation should be working for you now.


Excellent, thanks Peter. Yes I tried to access just at the wrong time :slight_smile:
Working now.
How can I download as a PDF?
I’m not a Pro, just a hobbyist using way out of date Avid 6 and Red 5, but I know my way around both, and their capabilities are more than enough for me to create great content.
Every now and then I come up against something that I don’t know or have forgotten, so it’s good to have ‘go to’ documents and old YouTube videos.
My editing computer doesn’t have internet access.
Thanks again.