Using a Matte file from a Film Scanner to I.D. dust and scratches for a remove

I’m working on a film that will be scanned from film to 10 bit 2k. The scanner has the ability to identify dust and scratches and export a matte file of the offending pixels. Does Mocha Pro have the ability to use that matte file to do a remove of the dust and scratches?

I couldn’t find any details on this in the manual.


I’m a noob to Mocha and have successfully achieved blemish removal from a car windscreen. It was a splattered, squashed insect just off of centre. What I learnt was that M needs to be able to substitute a good “background” for the removed Insect Blemish. Does the scanned film have or is available to provide a coherently good background?

Getting back to your original question’s crucial request, regarding importing the file, if it can, and if there’s background for M to substitute, then I’d like to see this happen. I think that the clue is:

Implies it’s not been an option. But, who knows? Maybe Martin will step in.

Yes. The background is not a problem. Each dust particle lasts about two to three frames at the most, so there is adequate clean pixels in adjacent frames for mocha to use in the replace. I just don’t know how to tell the remove tool to use the matte shapes as targets for the operation and I don’t know about the compatibility with the files that are output from the DFT Scanity Clean View application.

You can import a matte clip in Mocha Pro under layer settings.

  1. Draw a layer. It can be any kind of spline in any position. The layer spline itself will not be used.
  2. Under Layer Controls, click the Matte Clip drop down and import your matte clip. It may say it is going to convert the imported clip to 8-bit.
  3. Remove as usual using a tracked background layer

This should do the trick. Let us know if you experience any issues.

Cool. Thanks Martin.

Is there a recommended tutorial you can point me to?