Using both VP17 3d composite and Boris 3d compositing

VP has some 3d compositing features.
Boris/Continuum also has its own 3d system.

When using the Boris 3D system, although it maps onto the VP 2D frame, both are essentially unaware of each other’s 3d space. Correct?

My question is – is there a way to have Boris’s Z-axis (3d space) honor a non-Boris element in the VP timeline such that portions of the Boris element which is further forward on the Z-axis covers the elements on the VP timeline? If not, how can we mapped the non-Boris content into the Boris-world so it can interact and map properly?

Three images attached.

  1. The timeline showing two layers. One layer is “Candlelight”. The other layer is the “swoosh” which you’ll see I have Particle Emitter 3D on. My plan is to rotate the swoosh on the Y-axis so it rotates around the rest of the logo.
  2. The preview output from VP.
  3. Demonstration showing the swoosh not covering the rest of the blue logo when it is rotated in front of it

Hi Rob,

You’re correct in that the two applications are unaware of the each others 3D compositing space - the only way around this that I can think of is to use a version of the swoosh as a mask and have the mask hold back (knock out) the title as the swoop passes in front of it.


I sorta’ understand what you’re saying, but not totally. Duplicating the animated swoosh with another BFX layer somehow which creates a mask that punches through the Vegas composite? Or mirroring the BFX animation in Vegas to create the punch-out (which would seem quite challenging)?

Is there not a way to take an image into Mocha’s 3D compositing space? What if I just added the blue portion as a graphic in Title Studio or something similar, to make the entire composite going on in the BFX composition space?

Instead of the mask option that I described, what if you were to duplicate the swoosh and place the duplicate over the title and then animate the opacity of the duplicated swoosh to achieve the composite that you described where the swoosh appears to move in front of the title? So on the duplicate of the swoosh, set opacity to zero when the swoosh is supposed to be behind the title, then 100 opacity when the swoosh is supposed to be in front of the title, then back to zero again. Might that work for you?

and that… my friends… is exactly what I ended up doing! (a workaround of sorts, but it got the result).

I got stuck in the end converting it to a relatively small GIF file. Using VP saved as a sequence of transparent PNGs, and also tried a .MOV quicktime file (animation codec)… got me there OK, but could not convert to a proper small .GIF while retaining transparency. I was trying to use FFMPEG for that.

This one lost its transparency…

This one kept transparency (and smaller with only 10fps, a 32-color pallete, but has this trailing problem…

and this one the largest file size… alas too large for an e-mail sig, but smoothest (still not transparency).