Using Depth node for camera move on a photo?

I keep thinking there is a way to use Silhoutte’s zMatte, Roto, and Depth nodes to create a faux 3D camera move on a 2D photo. Right now I usually break it apart into layers and create a clean plate in PS. Then in AE I space them out in 2.5D, throw on a little camera move, maybe a displacement map, some particles, and a puppet pin if appropriate. I feel like all of this could be done in Silhouette, but I can’t figure out the node tree to make it happen. Maybe it’s a good subject for one of Ben’s tutorials.

Silhouette does not have a 3D camera, so it is not possible to create the 2.5D effect you are trying to achieve.

sounds like you just need one good old fashioned cloning and scaling with layers in after effects (or your comp of choice)

@marco Is there a way to output the depth node as a greyscale Z-map for use with effects like S_ZDefocus?

@sam Yes, you can use the output of the Depth node to drive either the native Silhouette > Depth of Field node or S_ZDefocus.

To do this:

  1. Enable Render to Alpha in the Depth node.
  2. Set Swap Channels so that the Alpha channel is selected for Red, Green and Blue.
  3. If you use Depth of Field, set the Depth pop-up menu to Input.

ahhh Swap Channels. That’s what I needed. I guess I didn’t understand what exactly the Depth node was outputting.

There is so much in this program that I need to learn. I hope Ben and Mary are going to do a Silhouette series now that they are wrapping up their awesome Mocha series.

By default, the Depth node outputs to a depth channel that can be used when doing stereo work.

Currently, there is 12 hours of training Ben previously did for Silhouette. For more information see: Boris FX | Stores

Moving forward, I think Ben does have plans for a new Silhouette course, but not sure what the timing for that would be.

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