Using Distortion Map from Lens Module inside Mocha Pro


Each time I want to use a Distortion Map to guide my Track, the track is shifting weirdly and is not working. When I do not use any map, but rather calibrate the shot before tracking manually, the track is working as expected.
Also the track is working without any distortion map applied, but will not be usable with motion.

I tried in Mocha for AE 2019 in AE2018 and 2019, also with the latest update to Mocha Pro 2019.5.

Also I get frequent crashes when I try to solve a new distortion model after drawing lines.


Are you talking about the distortion maps in the Lens Module? Just to be clear.

Yes, exactly. When loading distortion maps the track won’t work. When typine the values manually into the lens module, everything works as expected.

Also I get a lot of crashes when I try to calculate new distortion models on cc2018, cc2019 and mocha2019 and 2019.5

My computer specs roughly are windows 10, threadripper 2950x, gtx1080, 96gb ram

OK, I am going to loop @martinb in on this, I really think we might have something going on with the lens module that we need to explore.

Ok, thank you! Looking forward to your reply!