Using HDV

I imported an HDV 1080i29.97 clip (shot on a Sony HVR-Z1U camcorder, captured using Final Cut Pro 5.1.2).

Motor (v1.0.4b) recognized the clip as 1920x1080 at 24fps (it’s actually 1440x1920 with non-square pixels, but unsqueezes to 1920x1080), and unfortunately all options in the “Clip” tab’s “Interlaced” tab related to field order and cadence were greyed-out. I had expected the clip would be recognized as 29.97, interlaced, and upper-field first. I was able to inform Motor of the clip’s frame rate, but could not find a way to set the field order since the controls were greyed.

I was able to create a layer, though it was a bit difficult following the contours of an object which had a comb like edge due to the fact that both fields were displayed. Tracking worked well.

Is there a good way to convince Motor to deinterlace or only show me one set of fields?

You cannot change to interlaced mode once the clip has loaded. However when you start to create the project with the New Project Wizard, the third “Settings” page has interlacing controls. Here you can specify “Separate Fields” and the field order. The field order can then be changed once the clip has loaded using the Interlaced controls on the Clip tab.