Using Mocha for AE with tracking dots, is it advised

I am using Mocha for AE and I am trying to track a black toolbox with some reflection and high light showing up. We shot 2 versions, one with tracking dots and one without. The one with the dots looks great and the track is right on.

The one without looses the track as soon as there is any motion, can anyone tell me a good way to shoot this and keep the track on target without going frame by frame to do it.

Or a good way to remove the tracking dots from the shot.



I had the Min % pixels used really low, like 20 so I will try that. If that does not work I will send you a clip.

Thanks for the quick response.


Hi Brad, can you email me a clip? There may be options to track without the dots, but I would need to see the severity of the relflections and highlights in the motion.

Try increasing the “Min % pixels used” to 90%. As the footage is HD it should be able to pick up a lot of the surface detail at a higher rate.