Using Mocha for frames extraction

Hi, I need a simple tool for extracting frames from footage, and sometimes i need to extract an image every N frames.

Is there a simple way in Mocha for doing this or is always needed a render before getting images? I mean, i can switch to lens module and render the sequence with no lens distortion, then export it. Is there a better/faster way?

Thanks! Umberto

The easiest tool for this is the remove module “create cleanplate” in mocha Pro. Other than that, your lens method might work, but I have not tested that process.


With the lens method i can extract all frames in a range without tracking anything, but i cannot extract every N frames. Then only thing i need to perform is to activate, say, 1 parameter distortion and leave every parameter at zero value. Then render as a image sequence. I guess this will extract all frames without the lens algorithm affecting them.

I tried with the remove module but it needs a tracking (and that’s ok) but i couldn’t manage to automatically extract every N frames. I guess you mean to manually create a clean plate every few frames by scrubbing the timeline? Just to wrap my mind around the concept :slight_smile:

Thanks! Umberto

Hi Umberto, yes, I mean scrub the timeline or manually enter the frame numbers of the frames you want to grab and hit “create cleanplate.” :slight_smile:

There’s no automatic way to export every X amount of frames.

Ok, now it’s clear. Thank you! :slight_smile: