Using MOCHA in Particle Illusion

Hi all. So I am at the point where I want to use MOCHA in Particle Illusion for tracking AND masking and in the User Guide it states that “The details of how to use Mocha are provided elsewhere” - and no link. Can you recommend a page with this info? Thanks!


There are several directions to go with this depending on just what type of information you are wanting. There are detailed docs on Mocha Masking in the Continuum PixelChooser here:

The corresponding page for parameter tracking in Mocha Continuum is in the middle of being updated but should be available soon.

However, I think the many video tutorials on the BorisFX site might be your best bet. There are many that cover Mocha masking/tracking itself in varying levels of detail. And there are also several that discuss Mocha directly in the context of Particle Illusion. Checkout out this selection of Particle Illusion videos which include a couple directly focused on tracking:

The details are quite similar from one host to another so don’t be reticent to check out tutorials that use hosts other than your own. If there is more specific info you’re looking for, please let us know.


Thanks, Jason! That reply covered a lot of ground that I was wondering about. Cheers!

This specific video is good: Boris FX | Intro to Particle Illusion for Adobe After Effects, Part IV

Thanks, Alan!

I also have a question about tracking in Particle Illusion. I’m familiar with Mocha, but there’s one thing the Particle illusion tutorials don’t explain. In the “Particle Illusion & Vegas Pro: Mocha Masking” tutorial, the instructor moves BOTH the World Centre tracker AND the World Centre crosshairs. In the “Intro to Particle Illusion for Adobe After Effects” set of tutorials, the instructor moves the World Centre/Emitter trackers, but never moves the World Centre or Emitter crosshairs. I understand where the trackers are supposed to go. But what are the crosshairs for? When do you move them and when should you leave them where they are by default?

Thanks in advance for your help!

The World Center crosshair doesn’t need to be moved, as it’s applied to the “world” (or “camera”) so it doesn’t matter where it’s placed.

The Emitter crosshair should go where you want the emitter to be in the frame. So if it is a smoke emitter and your shot is of a moving train, the emitter track area might be on one of the train cars, but the Emitter crosshairs should be on the smokestack.

Thank you for the info, Alan. That sounds logical. But I’m still unclear as to why in this tutorial - Boris FX | Intro to Particle Illusion for Adobe After Effects, Part III - he doesn’t move the Emitter crosshairs over the dancer’s foot, but leaves it at its default position.

One thing to note is that you do not have to move the little cross hair offset for the emitter inside Mocha. There is an Emitter Offset parameter back in the plug-in side of Particle Illusion which would keep a relative offset from your track. This is a good way to work and also allows you to animate the offset for subtle shifts without having to go back to Mocha. Hope it helps.

This was excellent.

@rosss Should the emitter offset be keyframed? I ask because in the latest release of Continuum it isn’t, at least when working from Vegas Pro, if that matters.
I’ve found that I can nudge the search area and a keyframe is generated, sometimes, but moving the emitter offset doesn’t generate a keyframe and even saving one manually has no effect on the offset.

Anyone know?