Using Mocha pro for Academic Research

Hello Mocha Experts

I was looking for some software for tracking objects such as pedestrians, bicycles or cars from simple undistorted videos for academic research , until I found Mocha. I tried Mocha trail version and tracked a vehicle for 300 frames, at frame 200 I export trajectory data, at this frame I change spline and also planner surface and tracked the car until frame 300. then I export trajectory data again and see trajectories from 0 to 200 all have changed!!, why all previous corner pin coordinates change when modifying planer surface in a specific frame?

Thank you very much

Because the surface tool follows the track, it is not actually the tracking data it’s the way the data exports. If you change what the surface tool is doing, the four corner pin points will change with your movement for the entirety of the track.

Do you see what I mean?


Thank you for your response.
So how can I modify if trajectory is going wrong? and how can I export tracking data?


You have to adjust the track to modify the track, and to do that you have to have clear points of data to find again., or adjust your tracking parameters, or both

You can export the tracking data in the track tab under export tracking data.