Using Mocha Pro for black and white colorization

Hello, I am very interested in Mocha Pro and I have watched a few demos/tutorials about motion tracking. I am wondering if this would be a good software to use for colorization. Would it be plausible to track every object on the screen or would that require some insane processing power? I think it would work best to tint the entire image sepia tone and import the tracking data into AE to color each object. Does anyone have any tips for doing this or perhaps know of an even better way of achieving this?




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Mocha Pro is suited well to support color correction. I just did something similar to what you described. I rotoscoped objects in a scene using Mocha. I then exported out the shapes as a video matte. Finally I used that matte within Davinci Resolve to apply a color grade to that specific tracked object. The only thing it requires is time to rotoscope within Mocha which for complex shapes is a lot easier than doing so in Resolve. You can swap out Resolve for AE to do color correction. You would just export shape data from Mocha and paste onto solids in AE as Mocha Masks. Then you can use those masked solids as track mattes. I believe there are tutorials that better explain the process:

Chris is correct, you can absolutely use mocha to create mattes that you can then use to isolate color corrections. Mattes are probably the best way, and that means rotoscoping. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Mary! I am excited to learn more about motion tracking and rotoscoping in general. Right now, I do everything by hand, frame by frame and it is very time consuming. However, I think the quality makes up for the time spent. Do you think I can achieve similar results like this video using motion tracking and masking? The Munsters Opening (in COLOR) - - YouTube

I imagine I would mask the larger objects and still do detail work (color shading) by hand, but if I could at least track some of it, it would be very helpful. I am a total beginner in this area, so I’m still trying to get a grasp of how much it can be used for and the limitations.

Hi Zach,

Yes, absolutely you can do that. Frame by frame is no fun, I’d suggest checking out the Fundamentals of mocha here to learn how to create complex masks and really understand mocha tracking:

Rotoscoping in mocha should cut your roto time down to about half of what it would normally be by using a third of the keyframes you would normally use and following the track for the basic motion.



Hi @zach-smothers_af792 did you find this was an easier way to colorize the videos? trying to do the same