Using Mocha Pro in Davinci Resolve COLOR TAB

I was wondering if you could help me. Iam desperate and have search all over and no tutorials. I LOVE the new Mocha Pro 2022 and I love Davinci Resolve 17. And I really do like working in the color panel. I can use the new magic mask and track and add effects no problem in the color panel. But what I really want to do is use Mocha Pro (and powermesh feature) in the color tab of Davinci Resolve 17. But Iam lost. Simple lost as all I need to know is what few nodes I hook up with Mocha Pro to get me output so I can add effects to my tracked objects from Mocha Pro. Weird cant find any tutorials. Any help would be so much appreciated! and as I mentioned I would love to do it in the color panel instead of the fusion panel if possible. Thank You :slight_smile:


There are no tutorials for the Resolve color page yet because we don’t officially support it.
This is due to speed issues in the Remove render output for Resolve.

Having said that, if you want to track, all you need to do is hook up your mediain to the source input of the Mocha OFX node and then track as normal inside the Mocha GUI.

The only outputs available at this time for Resolve color page are the render outputs and the matting outputs. We don’t directly export tracking data to Resolve except via Fusion.

Thank You very much for your answer. I have asked so many people on this and on youtube and before in the forum. If I can get this done in the fusion panel I wont use color panel. Thats fine. All I need is a simplified explanation of how to setup the NODES in the FUSION PANEL so I can do powermesh. I know how to use powermesh in AE and it works great. My workflow there is I duplicate my original footage and make the top duplicate in to a freeze frame and then composite that. Then I go in to Mocha Pro and do my tracking and stabilize and exit and I have great success. But I so need to do this in Davinci Resolve fusion panel. I know its not fully supported but I have read other Davinci users are doing it. So if I can figure this out I can then help other Davinci users who have asked me to help. I will make a youtube help video.
Just a few sentences of setting up the nodes in a simplified explanation would be so very helpful. Basically after I warp tracked and exit Mocha Pro then what to do. I have spent hours trying to find help on this so I do hope you can help me and others how to do this. Thanks Very much.

This video shows how to use PowerMesh Alembic workflow inside Fusion standalone.

Thank You but I watched that several times before in the past that does not answer my question. That is pertaining to alembic workflow. Iam looking for help on actually using Mocha Pro directly IN Davinci Resolve and setting up the nodes. Really is a simple question that I have been trying to find solution to for weeks.

You can’t find the solution because Mocha Pro is not fully supported in Resolve to render to the timeline but is supported in Fusion.

Hi Mary,
Regarding the render to timeline issue in Resolve. Do I understand correctly that Mocha generally works fine inside Resolve on the Fusion page, except for this render to timeline issue, and if so, have you had success rendering inside of the Mocha GUI before saving and returning back to the timeline to playback your results?

You can render inside of Mocha and export the rendered clip from inside the plugin. But yes, Mocha won’t render back to the Resolve timeline correctly. It should work in the Fusion page, however.

I have used file>export rendered clip in Mocha very successfully when I have had render errors in the host.

Great. Thanks.