Using Mocha Pro in Vegas slow stuttering when playing in Vegas even in Draft preview

Hi, i tracked a piece of wood & created masks/layers to exclude my finger in Mocha Pro so i could create like i swipe screen but can’t get it to play very well in Vegas, so it’s hard to line up the pic transitions correctly to make it look right,
it’s not a problem with Mocha & i’ve posted this on the Vegas forum but i’m posting here too to see if you have any suggestions to help make it play better so i can edit the added jpgs & put them in the correct position on the timeline, the vid clip itself plays no prob but with the Mocha added it is very stuttery.

I put this vid of Vegas & Boris screen capture on YT so it would play at a better resolution for you, if you could take a look i’d appreciate any advise,

Thanks :+1:
My screen capture on YT

My PC Specs -
Vegas Pro 19, Boris Continuum, Mocha Pro 2021,
Desktop PC Microsoft Windows 10 Pro - 64-Bit
AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3975WX 3.5GHz 32 Core
Corsair iCUE H150i RGB PRO XT 360mm All-in-One Liquid CPU Cooler
RAM 256GB ( 8x Micron 32GB (1x 32GB) 2666MHz DDR4 RAM )
2x Western Digital Black SN850 2TB M.2-2280 SSD, 7000MB/s Read, 5100MB/s Write
Graphics MSI GeForce RTX 3090 SUPRIM X 24GB OC GPU

HI there, let me tag @vincentm_e8c60 and see if he has any advice.

How does it play back in Mocha?

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Thanks Mary,
it plays ok in Mocha, there’s no prob there, I inc a bit of it playing in Mocha in the YT screen capture :+1:
I think this is more of a Vegas problem, in fact 99.99999% a Vegas or my PC setup issue :rofl: but just thought i’d ask here as you must deal with things like this when creating Mocha to suite a host,

The orig 4k 3840x2160 clip was made with Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra but it was imported, trimmed & then rendered out with Vegas using the Magix AVC/AAC MP4 format,

Hello, This is, in my experience, a Vegas issue. Typically whenever I’m working with a clip that has a lot of effects, I will always pre-render it so that I can work with it in real time. I’ll select a range for my clip and then ctrl+m to selectively pre-render. I do the same thing in AE when I’m working on complicated projects too.

I hope this helps!

Hi & thanks for the suggestion but just like Dynamic RAM Preview i can’t move the pictures on the top track to get them in the correct order without the prerender becoming obsolete, I tried prerendering without pics inc but same again, as soon as the pics are added so Mocha can place them the prerender is no good.

@maryp & @vincentm_e8c60
Just to update you,
I bought Hitfilm Pro, I can’t afford Adobe & to change my Boris Host but still £308 gone from my account :man_facepalming::rofl: I can use CAD obj files with this tho :+1::+1:
It looks like all my Plugins are in Hitfilm, inc Mocha Pro,
I loaded the same 3840x2160 clip that i used in Vegas into Hitfilm & applied Mocha, I’d saved the tracking from when doing it in Vegas, that tracking data loaded no problem when i did Merge Project within Mocha, it all looks like it works fine,
but unfortunately the playback in Hitfilm is similar to Vegas, a bit slow n jumpy,
I tried Pre-render, that was quite poor, still very stuttery ,:unamused::man_shrugging: Vegas’s Pre-render makes it run very smoothly but as soon as you adjust anything it makes the Pre-render file obsolete,
I made a short 1920x1080 FHD clip & have just tried that in Vegas (because i know what i’m doing in that program - sort of ), it worked fairly well so i think i will have to use that smaller format in future if i want to do this sort of thing, I’ll try it in Hitfilm when i know a bit more about how to use it, :+1::+1:
Thanks for your help, just out of curiosity, if you watched my YT vid, would you expect this to play & be editable in Adobe? I see you doing all sorts of fancy tracking & roto work in your videos.

I would expect this to play in AE, not the least reason because it caches to disk. But it would take a little time to cache on larger files.

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Thanks, it’s sort of good to know that even in Adobe it ‘caches to disk’
I have sort of worked out something for my problem, It’s very similar to the caching & might be obvious to those who know but for me it was a good learning experience, (17yrs amateur experience, never too late to learn :rofl:)
I went back to the orig 4k UHD 3840x2160 project,
I placed my pics as close as i could in the order i wanted on the top track with the wipe transitions & the track Composite setting to Mocha Pro, tracking the clip below, just as it was before using the orig tracking data i had saved in Mocha,
I selected the whole project in Vegas, went to Tools tab - Build Dynamic Ram Preview, this took a few minutes, (similar to your caching i guess)
I was then able to go in & move/edit my pic clips & fades one at a time, keeping the selection to the whole project i clicked build dynamic ram again between each edit, because it had already built a ram cache of the whole thing at the beginning all had to do was update where i’d edited, when re-building it sped through what it had done previously & only took a few seconds each time i edited, :+1::blush::+1:

This is what i left the selection area at for the whole time while editing & building dynamic ram -