Using Mocha to track non BCC effects in AVID

Is there any way to use Mocha tracking data on a non BCC effect? For example, I have a key light lighting fix using the Tiffen DFX Re-light plug in that I need to have stay with the subject’s face in a panning shot. Is there any way to apply Mocha’s tracking data to the effect to do that? I’m pretty sure it can’t be done directly but does any one know of a workaround?



Inside Avid as a host there are really not any ways to use Mocha tracking data to drive position. However if you are looking to use the Mocha masking to isolate your effect, you could could output out of Mocha as a mask and than stack up non-Boris filters before or after the mask. Make sense?

If you are using Mocha Pro for AVX, you can choose to output as a cutout (RGBA) or as a high con matte.

If you are using the Mocha inside Continuum Pixel Chooser, you could set the output as a matte.

Hope this helps.

Cool. Thanks for the tip. I’ll try that.