Using mocha tracking with text in Vegas Pro

I am trying to use Mocha to generate tracking data that I can use with text. However, the examples on the internet show the use of an image and even a clip. When applying the same steps to text I don’t get the text to appear in mocha or vegas.

The steps I am following:
In Vegas:

  1. Add video clip
  2. Add video track
  3. Add text media to new track
  4. On video clip ‘Make compositing Child’
  5. On video clip ‘Compositing Mode’ | Custom | Mocha Pro
  6. Launch Mocha UI
    In Mocha UI
  7. Create spline and track
  8. Select ‘Insert Layer’ from ‘Insert Clip’ dropdown
  9. Save and close Mocha
    In Vegas
  10. In ‘Module Renders’ section, selected insert:composite and checked render checkbox
    <at this point , still no text appears>

I’m using VP15 B361, so I’m interested in this too. Just to be clear, are you wanting some text from a Vegas Text Event to follow a “moving” Object that you’ve tracked in MP?


Have you tried using the Insert Clip drop and importing a PNG with alpha for text tracking? This should work. I do not know Vegas Pro workflow well, but will look into it.


I’m in after effects

ignore heading I’m not in vegas but AE


It would be great if it were possible to track text in Vegas Pro using Mocha Pro, but it doesn’t seem to be possible.

I’ve looked at many YouTube tutorials re tracking text in VP, and most address this via VP’s track motion. I couldn’t find any using Mocha Pro (not to say that there mightn’t be one hidden away somewhere). But I do recall from many years ago a HitFilm tutorial showing how to use Mocha in HitFilm to track and then get another object to follow that track within HitFilm.

Especially watch from 18:00 which shows how the tracking data is transferred from Mocha to HitFilm and then the process used within HitFilm to get the glow object (child) used in the tutorial to follow the selected track data path (parent). There’s no reason that a title can’t be used in place of the example used in the tutorial; in fact, I found that it works just fine in HitFilm with text.

Mocha Pro only allows the export of camera solve data to a few NLE compositors: FBX format, AE, Nuke and HitFilm. In fact, from the Mocha Pro user manual, Vegas Pro doesn’t get a mention as a destination to export other data such as tracks or mattes and clips.

As the HitFilm tutorial pre-dates the free HitFilm Express (HFE), the process demonstrated may or may not work in HFE. You might want to see if Mocha Pro does work as a plug-in in HFE (it certainly does in full HF), and whether or not the process demonstrated in the tutorial also applies to HFE. If it does, there’s another avenue to achieve text tracking which can be rendered and used in Vegas Pro.

I think I figured something out.

This works for VEGAS PRO 15.

  1. Add video clip
  2. Add video Track (differentiating this track from the track that has the video clip)
  3. On video clip, Under track Fx, ‘Make Compositing Child’
  4. On video track, under track Fx, Add BCC Title Studio effect
  5. Launch UI
    In Title Studio
  6. Create the title
  7. Close title studio and answer yes to the save question
    In Vegas
  8. On video track, under track Fx, Add ‘Compositing Mode’ | Custom | Mocha Pro
  9. Launch Mocha UI
    In Mocha
  10. Add tracking data (be sure the Planer surface is large enough to accommodate the title or else it won’t show up
  11. With the video layer selected, select ‘Insert Layer’ from the ‘Insert Clip’ dropdown. At this point you should see the title. If you don’t try making the planer surface larger.
  12. Close mocha and answer yes to the save question
    In vegas
  13. In the ‘Module Renders’ section, select Insert: composite if it is not already selected.
  14. In the same section, check the render checkox

If you need to reposition the text, you can use the X|Y position section of the Title Studio Fx in Vegas.

The link to the resulting test:
In this video I put the tracking on the launch (boat on right), but the text next to the shell (boat on left).

Please feel free to post improvements on this process.