Using Optics for romantic blur in wedding photo(s)

Hello, new owner of Boris FX Optics here.

I just shot a wedding and have an image I’d like to apply some kind of “romantic fogging” for their first kiss.

Lighting-wise, it’s a very contrasty shot, outdoors, after sundown, lit by strobes.

Any suggestions that you have would be really appreciated; options in PS feel limited…

Thank you!

@images I would suggest the following filters located in the Diffusion/Blurs category:
Frost, Halo, Mist, Net, Silk.

Here’s the filter descriptions.

Frost glows highlights and reduces contrast while softening facial blemishes
and wrinkles.

Halo glows highlights, reduces contrast and softens facial imperfections while
retaining image clarity.

Creates atmosphere by reducing contrast while creating a glow around

Silk softens wrinkles, blemishes and fine detail to produce smooth skin textures
while retaining detail in coarse features such as the eyes, nose and mouth.