Using Particle Illusion plug-in for After Effects - video not appearing


A few days ago I purchased the Particle Illusion plug-in for After Effects and installed it, and right away ran into a strange problem:
When I bring a video layer into After Effects and want to add particles to it, I can add Particle Illusion to the layer from the Effects menu. But when I click on the open Particle Illusion button, the background is just empty black. My background image isn’t there.

Is there some simple thing I am missing to bring my AE video into PI plug-in?

(I also have Mocha, and that works perfectly fine)

Hi,have you tried clicking this button in Particle Illusion?

Gah! Its always the easiest, stupid things that I miss!

Thank you very much!

:+1: Yep, hours of frustration then just one button can make all the difference :joy::+1:

We hear you. In a future release that HUD button will be turned on automatically at startup. We should do something similar with the background preview too… or at least highlight the button in some way… :slight_smile: