Using Particle World with AE and Mocha


I like the ability to use Mocha Pro with AE Creative Cloud. I am just trying to wrap my brain around using the workflow with Particle World.

I have only one layer in this AE composition.

I have my clip in AE, I apply the Mocha Plugin to the layer, as an Effect, then go to Mocha Pro and track the item (in this case a magic wand).

Then I close Mocha and am back in AE. Because I could not find a way to apply the tracking to a null object or a solid I went ahead and “Created AE Mask” to the same video layer.

So my issue is:
How do I get Particle World to link to the Mocha track. It stays at the default center of the screen. (Perhaps this is more of a Particle World question, than a Mocha question, but I think I may be doing something “wrong” in Mocha Pro???

Once I get that working, I may have another related question – but for now that’s my main issue.

Here’s a video screen capture.

Perhaps there’s a link showing how to do that.


Forgot to include the video link: "

To export tracking data from the plugin, you either need to generate it from a selected layer in the plugin, under the “Tracking Data” tab, or export it to the clipboard inside the Mocha GUI and then paste it to the layer.
A mask export will not work, because that is motion applies to mask vertices, not the overall transform of the layer.

I suggest reading the section here to learn how to use the tracking data in the AE plugin: Boris FX | Documentation

Or alternatively look at the basic training videos here: