Using Power Mesh for Davinci Resolve Power Windows

I am using Davinci Resolve within the Color Page to correct a problem shot. The shot requires a complex power window to make the correction and I have been trying to utilize Mocha Pro to achieve the track and import that mask to Power Windows.

The problem shot is a badly applied bald cap that needs to be blended with the skin color. The actor turns their head in the shot so there isn’t a moment that all the surfaces of the head are not visible at the same time. I was hoping to utilize Power Mesh, but this seems to be a limitation currently since I can only generate the mesh on a single frame, so the new pixels that appear in the power mesh cause issues.

When I did get a decent power mesh for a portion of the shot, I tried to use the generated matte on a node in color page but the matte didn’t come through as alpha and had a hard edge. The “Feather” slider within the Mocha Pro adjustments just grew the mask, instead of feathering the edge.

Is there a workflow to utilize Mocha shape or tracking info for Davinci Resolve Power Windows within color page?

Or is the only workflow through Fusion and multiple layers?


The workflow remains through the Fusion page, we still can’t fully support Resolve until BM changes some fundamental roadblocks.

Hi Mary, I did find a workflow that worked. I could make a tutorial for it but I’m currently busy on another project and haven’t found the time yet.

You’ll need to elaborate here. What do you mean by you can only generate the mesh on one frame?

  • Can you tell me the exact workflow you’re using from start to finish?
  • What version are you currently using of both Mocha Pro and Resolve?

Hey Martin

My issue was less with the functions of PowerMesh and more so with how to get the tracking/mask information within Resolve color page bypassing the need for Fusion. I was able to do so using the mask as an alpha node within Resolve.