Using the same values in Lens Module

I used cross checkered image to remove lens distortion.
I got the values of K1 and K2.
So I want to use these values for next footage to save time.
To do that, I just go to Lens Tab, set calibrate to 2-Parameter and set the values of K1 and K2 which I got before.
Not using calibrate button.

Is it OK?
Is that useful way?

Do I have to calibrate erery time?

Yes, you should be able to set the exact K values as last time to get the same result. Just make sure they are absolutely to the same decimal value or there will be discrepancies.

Alternatively, you could save out the distortion map and import it to calibrate next time.

Thank you for your reply.
To use distortion maps, should I set both “Undistort (Direct)” and " Distort (Inverse)"?
If that’s so, I should export both “undistort map” and “distort map”?

Is “undistort map” used for undistorting footage or distorting footage?
I’m little confused.

The “Undistort” takes the distortion out of the lens.
The “Distort” adds distortion to the clip.

In general, we recommend saving out both anyway as you may require them for various uses. The Undistort is usually the one you need.

I understood.
Thank you so much.