Using Title Studio and Particle Illusion standalone programs?


Titile Studio and Particle Illusion can be downloaded and used as standalone programs.

my Question is:
how do you import or use any titles or effects made from the standalone versions of Title Studio or Particle Illusion or are they just intended for learning the software, and not for actual use?

Thanks for you input on this

Particle Illusions standalone - you can export mp4 or prores.

Title Studio standalone - you can save a project and load that from TS plugin. But without the plugin version there’s not much you can do with it.

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so standalone Particle Illusions is still useful but you guess the placement of your effects

Title Studio standalone is for learning purposes only, doesn’t generate usable titles, unless you have access to a plugin version somewhere.
ok, seems i lied to a friend.

Thanks for the info

I think you’re being a little harsh,
Standalone PI is a free download & the pi effect can be rendered out, it’s hard to knock a free program that will do that.
& Title Studio is bought as a ‘Premium Filter’, as Boris calls the fx’s within the host video editor ‘filters’ i would presume that TS would show in your editing software just like any other plugin, so if the standalone also comes with that purchase i would consider it a bonus, you’d be able to work outside your media editor, then resume or apply that title onto your video project in the host editing software…

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So as already mentioned, the standalone version of PI is totally free and enables you to generate particle systems and render the result (with alpha) out to disc. You are then free to use this rendered result as a final piece or as an element in any composition.

To position particle systems or emitters over a piece of video or a still image, you can use the plug-in version without a license and create the particle system, then save out the PI project to the desktop. Then you can open the saved project in the free version of PI and render the result to disc.

The standalone version of Title Studio does not include a render option - all rendering from Title Studio must be done from within a supported host. The standalone version is intended as a way to generate titles without tying up a video editing or compositing host system - in other words, you can use the standalone version of Title Studio to generate projects that can be loaded into an NLE or compositor for integration with other elements and final rendering.

I hope this helps explain the intended use cases for these products.




I wasn’t trying to be, i like both programs.

OK sure i understand TS more then PI right now, which is very little on both, but that’s another story.

i see PI effects all over TV, looking forward to knowing PI and TS better in the future, learning other things right now, but still playing with both thou.

i like Peter suggestion and will pass it on to my friend.

TS , well, i still lied, i told my friend that he could make and use the titles from the TS standalone like PI, without knowing better at the time. he isn’t online so cant look things up himself and was getting incorrect info from me on TS output usage it seems.

he is/was getting p#@$ because he couldn’t get things to workout. my words, “keep trying, its do able!” well, i was Wrong.
anyway, once he was done doing his thing, i was just going to run his footage thru my system to finish combine it. ( lolol I’ll finally get to see what he is working on :slight_smile: )
this way he will still have his work done his way, since he has spent a lot of time over the last year or so learning TS to make his title for his project, whatever that actually is.


Thanks for that PI Tip Peter! i download continuum for my friend to use so he can do just that!
i am also going to tell him do the same with his TS titles, and to just save to them for now.


Hi, not quite sure i understand,
If your friend had a version of TS on their system & was using the standalone, it would’ve also been in their video editing program?
& if you say ’ *i download continuum for my friend’ they will now have TS (&PI) included with Continuum.

‘Title Studio can be purchased as part of Continuum 2021, the 3D Objects Continuum Unit or as an individual Premium Filter.’ All of these need a Host editing software,

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Umm, Good question, i am not sure! i don’t know what he is even running for a system or what editor he is using, he is kind of secretive. I am guessing a free one, or an unsupported editor, since he is always claiming to be broke.

thinking about it thou, i told him about both PI First and then TS once i knew about it a week or so later. but i never gave a copy him them, so that would mean he would have to have BorisFX account to have gotten them to start with.

umm, so maybe, he downloaded a version one that doesn’t work with his editor instead of DLing the OXF version, don’t know, i will ask. its the version i downloaded for him anyway.

ya, i know you can buy a few ways, but i doubt we would have the funtickets to buy it since he says he is broke all the time.

lol so it might be future Bday or Xmas gift. it wouldn’t be the first time i have given a copy away.

Thanks for making me wonder, now i got questions to ask him.