Using Title Studio within Vegas Pro 18

Boris FX Continuum 2020 Title Studio came with my purchase of Vegas Pro 18 but I haven’t been able to get it to work within Vegas Pro since installation.
I have used Vegas Pro for a number of years (actually started on Vegas Movie Studio 9).
Title Studio was one of the reasons why I upgraded but so far it has been a frustrating experience.

How are you applying it?

I’m not sure what you mean?
I downloaded the upgrade for Vegas Pro 18 and installed & activated Boris FX Continuum 2020 Title Studio as per the instructions but I can’t see Title Studio as a plug in within Vegas Pro and I’ve found Title Studio difficult to use on its own (I’ve had several cracks at it spending a number of hours each time and get very frustrated).

Boris FX

Installation guide

  1. Launch the installer by double clicking the installer file.
  2. Read and confirm the license agreement.
  3. Fill out the customer information form if required.
  4. In order to license Continuum and remove the watermark, you will need to check the box for “Activate your license now (Internet connection required). If you do not have access to the internet, please contact Boris FX support for help with an offline activation.
  5. Enter your Boris FX activation key for the Continuum product you wish to license into the corresponding window. You will find this number either on the insert card (box version) or in the email you received following purchase (download version/offers).
  6. Following this, select whether you want to keep non-activated product components on your system, or delete them. It is most common to delete all non-activated product components.
  7. If you have received multiple Boris FX Activation keys, you will need to run the installation process for each activation key separately.
  8. Finished! The installation and activation of your Boris FX add-on is now complete. You may need to restart your VEGAS product in order to display the installed add-on.
  9. More help on installing and licensing Boris FX products can be found by visiting the Boris FX VEGAS FAQ (Boris FX | VEGAS Pro 19 FAQ) or in the Continuum support forum (Continuum - Boris FX Forum).

If Title Studio doesn’t appear in Vegas try this:

You should find it under video effects… not media generators.

Also, Title Studio appears in Vegas Pro under the Video FX tab and is named ‘BCC Title Studio’. The names of all Continuum VFX/filters start with either BCC or BCC+.