Using Two inserts with Vegas 15

Hi, I’m new to Mocha but been using Vegas for years. I recently upgraded to Vegas 15 and picked up Mocha Pro as well.

I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction or at least confirm that I am hitting a limitation of Mocha with Vegas.

Essentially, I’d like to track two inserts to a clip which are sourced from Vegas tracks.

I have a base clip showing the window of a house. Mocha Tracks it perfectly! I want to make it appear as though the house is on fire.
I need to track a smoke layer and a fire layer to the window. I have each effect as stock footage.

I’d like to source them from the Vegas track because they require some degree of Vegas adjustments…chroma keying, saturation, opacity.

I have been able to insert both tracks by importing them into Mocha, but I lose the control within Vegas.

I’ve also been able to track one as a Vegas layer in Mocha, but unable to track the second.

I have followed the Mocha/Vegas Tutorial which instructs setting the Effect layer as a Parent Composite and the Base clip as the child composite.

Can anyone confirm or deny that tracking two Vegas layers within Mocha is possible?

Thank you

I’m listening too.

Since someone else is listening…I’ll share my progress.

I have been able to include two inserts tracked over a single shot while still maintaining editing control within Vegas.

I set up my first effect just like the tutorial shows. Setting my effect layer as parent composite and base clip as child.
I then set compositing mode of the effect layer to Custom and entered Mocha Pro.
Tracked my shot…got everything the way I liked it…then did File > Export Data from within Mocha. I saved the file as a .mocha file.
Closed Mocha…saved it and got back into Vegas.
turned on the Render Checkbox in the Mocha plug in

First effect done. Great!

Next, I set by base layer back to a parent.
Added my next Effect as a layer above the base clip.
Repeated the process
Set base layer as Child.
Set compositing mode to Custom on Effect layer.
entered Mocha.
Here, instead of doing another track in Mocha…I did File > Merge Project and selected the .Mocha file that I saved earlier.
To my surprise, the original mask showed up.
I selected my default layer in Mocha and chose my Insert Clip and my second effect appeared.

Closed Mocha with Save.
Set “Render” Checkbox on.
Changed base layer back to parent.

I now have three independent layers in Vegas.
Effect 1
Effect 2
Base layer

I can rearrange them independently and apply separate FX to each one.

I have no idea if this is the most efficient way to apply two tracked effects in Vegas, but it does work.

hopefully this could be useful to someone else. Feedback is welcome.