Using words from a text doc in Particle Illusion

Does Particle Illusion have the ability to link to text files and use the words in the document in place of shapes?

For example, I would like to use random words contained in a text document in the place of rain particles. Instead of the rain / line shapes, I would like to have the random words pour down. Or if using a basic emitter, have the individual words pour out in the place of shapes.

There is not a way to load text directly from a file at this time. That would be a nice feature, but the way to do this for now is to load the text as images or image sequences. So you would first need to export each word as a separate image file or perhaps an image sequence with a different word on each frame. Then you can use the sprite/image import mechanisms in Particle Illusion to load the text images to replace the existing sprites in the emitter.

Thanks for the work around. I had finished the project by simply copy and pasting each “word” from excel and creating individual text layers for each in After Effects. There were 150 words, so this wasn’t fun!

Would your work around work for 150 “words” or would it be limited to a smaller amount? Obviously creating 150 individual Photoshop or illustrator files isn’t ideal, but I was doing it anyway within AE.

Hi Myketoth, not sure if you have heard of this, but this sort of thing helps to speed up breaking text up, DecomposeText - aescripts + aeplugins -

There’s no specific limit on the number of images you can pull in. Note that currently it supports JPG and PNG formats. Photoshop and Illustrator formats are not covered at this time. I would suggest starting with just a couple at first to make sure it behaves as you would expect before exporting all 150.