Using words from a text doc in Particle Illusion

Does Particle Illusion have the ability to link to text files and use the words in the document in place of shapes?

For example, I would like to use random words contained in a text document in the place of rain particles. Instead of the rain / line shapes, I would like to have the random words pour down. Or if using a basic emitter, have the individual words pour out in the place of shapes.

There is not a way to load text directly from a file at this time. That would be a nice feature, but the way to do this for now is to load the text as images or image sequences. So you would first need to export each word as a separate image file or perhaps an image sequence with a different word on each frame. Then you can use the sprite/image import mechanisms in Particle Illusion to load the text images to replace the existing sprites in the emitter.