Using Zoom window with Show Planar Surface Tool

I’m trying to be able to see the Zoom window when I use the Show Planar Surface Tool. I know I can use it when I’m clicking on a corner and moving that corner into position. What I’d like to be able to do is fine tune that corner point with the zoom window using the arrow keys. I can do that when I’m moving points of the Bezier Mask or a Mask in general for the track but not when I’m using the Planar Surface tool. Is there a short cut or something that will keep the Zoom window on. It dis appears when I using arrows for fine tuning. I find it almost imposable to fine tune by dragging corner points with the mouse alone. Actually I use a wacom pen.

You could use the AdjustTrack module which will keep the zoom window focused on the surface corner. Then you can use the nudge button. I don’t think there are keyboard shortcuts for surface nudge, but will pretty sure they are on the list of feature requests.

Even if you are not actually using Adjust track keyframes, this is a way to sort of get what you want.

I"ll try that. Thanks. I was hoping it was something I just didn’t know how to do but that seems like a decent work around.