UtraZap in Optics control points, square request?

Hi, if poss in future updates would it be poss to have more control over the shape the spline takes,
like in Sapphire with Mocha the spline can be made square/rectangle but in Optics it can only be curved where the control points are. Pls (unless iā€™m missing something :older_man::man_facepalming::grin:)
btw iā€™m not asking for Mocha to be included, just square corners/control points,


S_UltraZap in the host following Mocha spline

Optics is acting as an OFX host, so we only get the controls provided by the OFX version of Sapphire. Unfortunately, there are no controls to affect the spline type with the OFX version unless you use Mocha.

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Thanks n no worries, i have Sapphire so i can do it that way :+1: it was just a thought :+1: