V2021.0.1 - Alt-S Paint Node hotkey question

What is supposed to happen if I use the Alt-S hotkey when in the Paint node? Is it supposed to toggle the Viewer between the Input and the Output, or toggle the paint source between Input and Output? The latter of which is indicated in the User Guide. Nothing happens when I try to use Alt-S to switch between the Input and Output for painting, but it could easily be user error. No external scripts loaded. Thank you!

Alt-S was shucked up for X-Spline edge snapping. @paul.miller would have to comment as to whether or not it can still also work in Paint to switch the Alpha > Paint Source.

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Alt-S can only be used for one shortcut and will remain for X-Spline edge snapping. I will remove the reference to Alt-S for the Alpha > Paint Source switching in the docs.

Ok, no problem - thank you for the clarification.