V4 Sticky UI

Hello. Long time user first time caller.

I’ve just upgraded to V4. I’ve noticed a change in behavior and was hoping to gain some insight.

Whenever I use a hotkey that combines with cursor action, i.e. rotate,scale,translation,pan,zoom … the

UI “sticks”. I’ve tried this on 2 different types of Mac, and version 3 does not behave this way. I find

when I hold the shift key after holding down the appropriate hotkey the UI behaves as normal. For example:

hold down “w” and the rotate cursor appears, try to rotate and no delta shows up and nothing rotates until

I hold down the shift key. Any ideas ? Thank you.

For anyone who cares, this seems to be a conflict with Mocha and the OS’s key repeat setting. Mine is set to fast and causes this undesirable behavior in Mocha. I need it at fast so to fix the problem I added the following to my Karabiner’s private.xml. This also remaps some keys, but it doesn’t have to. The main options is the NOREPEAT option at the end of every autopen line. cheers

<autogen>KeyToKey KeyCode::RawValue::0xd, KeyCode::RawValue::0xc, Option::NOREPEAT</autogen>
<autogen>KeyToKey KeyCode::RawValue::0xe, KeyCode::RawValue::0xd, Option::NOREPEAT</autogen>
<autogen>KeyToKey KeyCode::RawValue::0xf, KeyCode::RawValue::0xe, Option::NOREPEAT</autogen>
<autogen>KeyToKey KeyCode::RawValue::0x7, KeyCode::RawValue::0x7, Option::NOREPEAT</autogen>
<autogen>KeyToKey KeyCode::RawValue::0x6, KeyCode::RawValue::0x6, Option::NOREPEAT</autogen>
<autogen>KeyToKey KeyCode::RawValue::0x31, KeyCode::RawValue::0x7, Option::NOREPEAT</autogen>
<autogen>KeyToKey KeyCode::RawValue::0x24, KeyCode::RawValue::0x31, Option::NOREPEAT</autogen>

Thank you for letting us know! I will make sure Martin sees this.


Hi there!

This behaviour has been fixed for the upcoming mocha Pro V5.