Valid Student License Not Working for Updated Sapphire 2022 or any other 2022 Boris FX Plugins

Was excited today to be able to install the newest update of the Boris FX suite, most notably Sapphire 2022.

Upon downloading and installing, the license validation now tells me that my student license is no longer valid for the 2022 version - but it prompted me to update to it and now the plugins are unusable.

I can’t even find a download link to revert back to 2021.

I have spoken with chat and emailed support but that often takes quite some time and now I have a project due tomorrow that I cannot even work on because it is mostly broken due to the unlicensed Sapphire effects.

Has anyone else had this issue? If anyone can assist with this ASAP it would be great.


In the meantime older versions like can be downloaded here:

Boris FX | Legacy-downloads?

Sapphire 2021 would be v14.0.x and Sapphire 2021.5 would be sapphire 14.5.x depending on which you were using previously.

I’m facing the same problem. I’ve enough license time but the same condition. what can I do? :cry::cry:

I emailed support and they got back to me very quickly and assisted with updating my student license as it is just a system issue. All good now.

I suggest emailing support with your license / activation key and account email and they’ll get it sorted asap.