Vector trace issues


Having followed the Avid FX Hobbit titles video on Youtube (, something isn’t quite right. Whether I load a transparent PNG, or the same again with a background JPEG file (the main image is a mandala), having done the vector trace (which didn’t seem to exactly copy the mandala, though that is another story), when then hitting the silhouette bar and the pen tool and then clicking for all the vertices to show up (5’01" into the video tutorial) and then highlighting and deleting, instead of simply deleting the required vertices it seems to wipe out the transparency of my PNG showing a ‘blob’ of the background underneath (which in this case is molten gold). It is not attractive, nor does it look workable for here onward.

Please advise,


HI! It’s difficult to know where exactly the problem is from your description but if you send me the source and the RED project file I’ll take a look at it to see if I can understand what’s going wrong. You can send this to me via email - <peterm(at)>