Vegas 17 and BCC Title Studio Composite over background?

Hi there, new to BCC (got Title Studio with Vegas Pro 17).

In Vegas, the preferred method for adding a title is via media generators, with BCC, being a video effect, it must be applied to a video clip, or better yet an empty event, so that it is self contained as an overlay in the timeline.

Problem is, if you apply BCC Title Studio titles to an empty event, there doesn’t seem to be a way to get your background video tracks (from the Vegas timeline) to show up in the BCC UI (as in Composite over background). This only seems to work when you’re applying BCC to a video track, then you can see that video track as the background.

If you want your BCC title to overlay over/span multiple clips in the Vegas timeline that have other effects, you’re left with designing your BCC title “blindly” (i.e. with no background preview) and then switching back to actually see what it will look like when composited over the rest of your video tracks.

Any way around this? As in, any way to get the full Vegas timeline composite into BCC as the background?

Thanks a bunch.

I have the same issue with BCC Title Studio as nolubez because I place all titling on top tracks in Vegas Pro that are dedicated just for titling. It is just so much easier to locate and amend or reposition titles on tracks dedicated to titling especially when the project is 2 hours or so in length.

I really like using BCC Title Studio, but not being able to design titles with the video visible is a real problem. NBFX Titler Pro does allow for this to happen, not within TP’s workspace, but in Vegas Pro’s Video Preview window - adjustments made in TP update live in Vegas Pro’s preview window.

I wonder if it is possible for Title Studio to include an option to select a video from VP’s timeline to display and play as the background in Title Studio’s workspace window.

Oh good, I’m not alone in my workflow preference. :smile:

Seems like a big oversight if this sort of thing isn’t possible with BCC, I often times design titling to be in sync with events happening in the Vegas timeline (especially audio cues).

I thought about maybe doing a render of the Vegas timeline span I want the titling go over and then apply the BCC titling effect to that, save it as a preset, then apply it to an empty event. Seems like a huge pain though…

In my 17 pro only the composition and transformation tabs + presets work. So 2 tracks and on the top title. Then FX Browser is available but I usually use Launch Windows UI and it’s easy to make a title and then the confirmation moves to vegas where you can change the composition and transformation In this respect I am very beginner and probably can be done more easily.

…and I thought it was just me. I see I am not alone in this.

Hey Folks,

So what I’m hearing from you is that you would like to have the same level of functionality with regard to bringing in alternate host video tracks in Title Studio in Vegas as we do in Avid. In Avid we can pull up video tracks from beneath the title studio filter track in the host timeline to use as a template against which we can position the titles that we’re generating. In Vegas because we can’t pull up a video clip from tracks below the filter this is a problem for you. If the Vegas OFX API will allow us to do that then I see no reason why we would not implement this feature. I’ll add it to the feature wish list and discuss it with engineering - thanks for highlighting this deficiency.

Meanwhile, there are a couple of things that you can do as a workaround.

Apply the filter directly to the background source in the timeline, then once you have the title set up, save the project, delete the filter, apply a fresh instance of title studio to the empty event and load up the saved preset. Then you can use the host-side filter transforms to fine tune the position of the title over the video. This was already been mentioned in the comments above from Jezric.

Or …

Create a second instance of the background video on a new event track above itself. Then apply the title studio filter to that event (instead of an empty event) and you’ll (a) be able to see the video while working with the title in the Title Studio UI and (b) it will be a discrete title on its own event track and independent of the background video, just like you needed.


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Thanks for the reply Peter.

Yes, I believe you understand the issue, it would be great if you could bring in the whole composite from Vegas so that you could see all the video tracks/transitions/etc. as the background when designing titles.

The only way of doing this now is as I suggested earlier and I believe you somewhat touch on here:

You can render the section of your project that you want to design titling for, bring that rendered video in as a top level video clip, add the BCC effect to that clip, design you titling, save it as a preset/project in BCC. Then in Vegas remove this temp rendered clip, add an empty event and apply the BCC preset to it.

A lot of working around… :frowning:

This seems like (as you pointed out) a limitation with Vegas’s API (i.e. you don’t have access to the full compositor output outside of Vegas). This seems to also be a problem with Vegas’s own workflow with Vegas Effects (Magix’s After Effects equivalent), they don’t have dynamic linking (i.e. full composite output) like Adobe’s Premier > After Effects does… I hope they fix this soon, it’s really a problem in general.

It seems a bug of Vegas Pro. Maybe you can communicate with Vegas users. Forum for VEGAS Pro

@DaveSuen … I think that the earlier comments ARE the communications from Vegas Pro users - like me. From BorisFX’s Senior Product Manager, it is clearly not a Vegas Pro bug. rather an issue with the interaction between Title Studio and the VP timeline when Title Studio is not directly added as an FX to the video media on VP’'s timeline.

Thank you, Peter, for the workaround suggestions. Because I use a lot of track level FX based on media source, I think that only the first workaround that you suggested would be workable for me. But I need to add that I do use the transformation option a lot in the VP FX window after closing Title Studio. Many thanks for exploring a future improvement for VP users with regard to this issue.