Vegas 19, Title studio stuggling to render

I have 1 min countdown clocks that I am layering onto a fitness video.
I’ve been adding a new video track and empty event to layer these clocks onto.

I need to have about 10 of these counters across a 45min long video.
My project settings are 1080p 60 and when rendering the clock sections my speed drops to 0.7 FPS

I have a 5800x 64G of RAM and a 3070 so my normal output is around 200 FPS

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi There,

Could you send along a sample Title Studio project of the clock countdown that we can take a look at to see if there is something that can be done to improve performance?


Analog Clock countdown.bsp is the one I’m using atm.

I just have a picture as the background

Cool … thanks for sending that along. I’ve asked Vin to work with you on this performance related TS issue - he should respond shortly.

Hello, so there are a few options for speeding up render speeds on this particular preset.

I’d recommend not using empty events to apply the effect. If you’re using Continuum 2020 or higher, you can apply the title studio effect directly to the clip itself and then change the composite mode to normal in the filter. this will layer the effect over the video and not require Vegas to render an additional track.

Another option would be to launch the Title Studio UI and disable some of the drop shadow in the effect. Each of the hash marks, as wel as the central clock hand have drop shadow applied to the spline shape. By disabling this for each item you can speed up render times.

On my system, while it does take time to render, I’m seeing faster render speeds at default settings. Let me know if compositing the effect directly onto the clip helps speed things up.


Hi Vin,

I removed the shadows and my render speed has increased to 1.9FPS.
I’m shooting 50fps and for a minute counter, that’s an unacceptable render speed.

I split the track into a 1-minute section, applied the fx and changed the fx composite mode to normal.

You can only see the clock in the UI window, and when applying and closing the UI nothing comes up in the Vegas preview.

I tried to render with the fx straight onto the original video track but the render time is still the same as if I was using an empty event.

Thanks, Vin.

I look forward to your reply.