Vegas 19 upgrade, will it recognise my Boris plugins automatically

Hi, the title says it all :laughing:
so quick question - if i upgrade to Vegas 19 from Vegas 18, will it recognise my Boris plugins automatically or should i do something first?

Working here :blush:.

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Thanks, hopefully you mean you just installed & everything on your PC was recognised?:+1:
Been looking at 19, but everything seems almost the same, i’d like it if they let you adjust the preview screen so you can see easier or work off screen,

Yes, all boris plugins work with 19. You shouldn’t have to do anything special to use them.

You can always move the preview window to another screen…

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If you mean “size”, then VP has always been able to adjust the Preview screen. If you’ve got a 2nd Monitor, it’s a no-brained setup and have Preview on that too.

No, I mean so that you can zoom in n out with the preview window still in place so you can drag anchor points outside the picture border
I know you can detach the Preview n move it,
Thankyou for your patronizing no brained answer

I equate no-brainer with ease, straightforward, definitely not meant as “patronizing” at all.

I’ve never known the term ‘no-brainer’ to, in general usage, to imply disrespect or the like - it’s as biggrazie suggests above. It’s the equivalent in New Zealand (a neighboring country) to the quite poetic “easy-peasy”.

In Vegas Pro, it would be absolutely excellent if the preview window were zoomable and it has been requested quite a few times, but that is more an issue for the Vegas Pro forum rather than BorisFX’s forum.

Yeah I get that, sorry & I wasn’t being grumpy & understand, but I’ve always known no-brainer as ‘easy, even someone with no brain could have worked that out’. but i think it was the use of ‘no-brained’ rather than ‘no-brainer’ that to me was a little unnecessary to add it that way to the comment & implied something about me.
Writing can easily be misinterpreted :+1:

@gid.joiner knowing @biggrazie online for a while now (Vegas forums mostly) I suspect English is his second or third language because his idiom is quite different from what I’m used to from Stateside usage. Good guy just the same.

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Yeah thanks, i did apologise, think i was reading too much into the way it was used ‘no brain’ as apposed to ‘no brainer’ & maybe the orig of the term or the poss insinuation, first impressions when reading something can be mistaken,:man_facepalming::+1:

Interesting indeed. No, English is my first language. Activity on Vegas Forums, 21,885 comments, and Posts since March 9, 2002. It’s an obsession. I wanna learn and I wanna continue to make VegasPro, and help in making their Partner’s Products, the BEST to work with!

:blush: I try to be.