Vegas OFX: Issue with top layer occlusion

I am using the Mocha Pro 2019.5 OFX with Vegas Pro 16.
I am trying to track a plane on a wall in a video where a man walks in front of the plane being tracked.
I have set up a mask for the man on the top layer and when the man starts to walk in front of the wall the tracked plane stays on the initial position for some time, but then starts getting dragged along the man.

Here is the frame where tracking seems to be fine

Here is the frame where the tracking seems to start going wonky

Here is the next frame where the tracking seems to start going wonky

Here is the video for the whole tracking operation

Could someone tell me if I am not setting up the masks correctly or is there anything else I need to do.


Hi there!

First, turn your surface tool on to see what the track is doing. The shape is not sufficient to tell you what the track is doing since it can be animated by hand.

Second, you’re holding out the guy just fine, HOWEVER, I see some shadows on the wall I bet are the culprits.

Just move your tracking shape all the way up into one of the shadows so that they don’t interfere with the track when the tree shadows move.

You can then make a new shape and link it to that track if you want, or simply change the shape on the new tracked layer to be where you need it to be.


Hi Mary,

Thanks for your response.
It turns out that you were right and the shadows were causing the problem.
I was so fixated on the man that I did not pay attention to the writing on the wall.

Thanks again!!!