Vegas Post Suite 18 and Boris FX

Do you plan on supporting Vegas Post? I have Vegas Pro 17 and I’m going to switch to version 18. I am also considering Vegas Post but unfortunately while testing Vegas Post I noticed that it crashes when I want to work with Boris Continuum or Mocha. I am a user of Continuum 2020.05 and Mocha 2020.05. From my perspective, if Vegas Post could use your solutions, it would be another milestone in development for Magix.

Vegas Effects (the part of the Vegas Post Suite I believe you’re referring to) is not a supported host for Continuum at this time. (Not sure about Mocha Pro support in Vegas Effects. Will need input from the Mocha team on that.) We are working with the Vegas Effects engineering team to resolve the Continuum crash, and full support for Vegas Effects is on our list of OFX host support improvements for the future.

Note that these problems only refer to Vegas Effects. Vegas Pro is a fully supported product.


So I understand that if I have a Vegas Post Suit which includes: Vegas Pro, Vegas Effect and Vegas Image, Boris FX will not work in Vegas Effect yet, but in Vegas Pro it should work. However, during tests, when I open a project in Vegas Pro and want to use Continuum plugins, the effect is shown to me and unfortunately Vegas crashes out. I understand from your answer that this is a bug and it should work normally.
I have a question, if I have Continuum and Mocha 2020.05 OFX and add Vegas Effect as a supported host, will I be able to use them or will I need to make an upgrade to another version?

Thank you for the answer j- you always react quickly.

What time horizon do you mean?

We are not aware of the problem you’re describing in Vegas Pro 18. Vegas Pro 18 should be working normally with Continuum. Can you please provide detailed info on what you’re seeing? Is it all effects that crash or just a certain one? Does it happen if you create a new, simple test project or only when opening an old project? Can you provide hardware and project specifics?

We don’t have any specific schedule for officially supporting Vegas Effects, sorry. There are a number of OFX hosts for which we would like to add official support, and Vegas Effects is on that list - along with a vast array of other feature enhancements on our roadmap. I can say, however, that new host support would not be added retroactively to older versions such as 2020.5, so depending on the details of the purchase timing and upgrade/support plan it might require an update.

Let’s get to the bottom of your Vegas Pro 18 crash to start with.


Ok, I checked again. For the new project in Vegas Pro 18 it now seems to be working fine.
The problem occurs when a clip with an effect made in vegas effects is included in the project. Then adding an effect from Boris FX to another clip, the program crashes.
From what you wrote, I assume that the reason is to add any effect in Vegas Efect.

My specification:
Windows 10
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X, 64GB RAM, WD 1TB M.2 SATA SSD, Samsung SSD 970 EVO 1TB, MSI Radeon RX 580 ARMOR OC 8GB GDDR5

Thanks for the explanation. It does sound like the Vegas Effects usage is the key here. That’s an issue we are working on with the Vegas Effects engineering team.