Vegas Pro 16 and BCC Title Studio 2020.5

The plugin works fine till the moment getting back tot Vegas Pro by clicking ‘Apply’. Then the screen freezes white and Vegas Pro stopps.

My PC: CPU: I9900K, Memory: 32 Gb. Ram, Graphics: Asus 2060 Super with 8Gb.

There’s a good chance that this problem is more related to Vegas Pro rather than Title Studio as white screen crashes sometimes appear as an issue on Vegas Pro’s forum - and unrelated to Title Studio use as far as I can recall. Perhaps check out some possible solutions to crashes that appear in a FAQ on Vegas Pro’s forum:

[(FAQ) Troubleshooting Crashing and Stability]

It’s the same failure with Title Studio that I had before when morking with Vegas Pro 16 on the timeline (I am not rendering at that moment: suddenly it freezes and the screen goes white). When clicking ‘Apply’ nothing is brought over to the vegas Pro preview screen.

I followed the list of possible solutions:

  • last Vegas Pro 16 update on system.
  • disable GPU: no effect
  • last Windows 10 update: checked
  • hardware drivers: up to date
  • Dynamic RAM preview increased: no effect

I use the latest Nvidia Game driver. Has someone experienced good results when using the Nvidia Studio driver?

I also use an other Contnuum Unit: BCC Lights Unit and that works fine!

Somebody a solution?


Hello, I was wondering if you could send me a copy of your project. Do you have any other effects on the clip? I know that you mentioned not having an issue with the lights unit.

I installed the Nvidia Studio driver 442.92: no succes.

By the way: because it could a Vegas Pro problem I also posted in the Vegas forum.

Why: not every Boris user is a Vegas user.

By posting in the Vegas forum i can reach more users!


I am a bit on the way to a (total) solution.

Started Vegas Pro again and the main problem: clicking ‘Apply’ and then freezing (transparant white screen) ain’t there anaymore. The work from BorisFX comes back to Vegas Pro 16. Yeah!!! I finally think that the Studio driver did it’'s job!

But I screamed it out too soon. The next problem.

In Vegas Pro 16 I see in the preview screen (within the application and also at the second preview monitor) only the input from Title Studio. The background, the scene from the movie, isn’t visible! In Title Studio the foreground (the Title Studio) and the background (the scene) were both visible.

My first monitor is 4K, my preview monitor is 2K.

I am looking further. I think the solution is within Vegas Pro!


Jippie yeah,

I find the solution.

When opening the plugin Title Studio you have to select ‘Composite’ and then change ‘Apply mode’ from ‘None’ into Normal’.

Now I will have a very good sleep !!!