Vegas PRO 16 OFX: Cannot insert video clips


I am trying to create a basic tracking in Mocha pro OFX plugin in Vegas Pro 16 and insert a video clip. The insert module works fine if I use an image, however, when I use a video clip (inserted as a layer) it shows up in the mocha pro UI but not in the Vegas Pro UI.

I have tried to demonstrate this issue in a simple video.

In this video I am trying to insert an ocean video clip over a red rectangle. When the ocean video clip is used I see only the red rectangle in Vegas Pro, but if I use the logo in the insert module I see the logo in Vegas Pro.

This is a problem resulting from internal clip imports not registering with the host renderer.

The way around this is to do the insert video as an “Insert Layer” clip using the method described below:

Alternatively, import your video as an image sequence and the render should work as expected.

Thank you for your response. I used the compositing mode and inserted the clip as a layer and it worked.