Vegas Pro 17 and Continuum Plugins

After migrating to Vegas Pro 17, i installed the new Plugins.e.g. lens flare. I cant use the fxbrower because everything is extremly small on my 4k screen.
I cant read anything. What have i to do ?

The FX Browser text does not scale up on windows 4k monitors currently - unless you increase the overall screen scaling which would wind up also increasing the size of the Vegas UI itself. I would NOT have expected this to be unique to Vegas 17 however. Are you sure it didn’t happen in the previous Vegas as well? If so, which version of Vegas were you using previously?


Hi Jason,

i user Vegas Pro 16 before.

But I bougth and installed Continuum 2019.5 while having installed Vegas Pro 17.



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It is possible that the Vegas host settings for high-DPI displays have changed which exposed this issue. We’ll need to look into that. The ultimate fix needs to come with a future update to the FX Browser.

I have the same issue with 4K screen and then files have rendered to a lower resolution even though the rendered file shows the intended attributes when the rendering is complete all without changing any settings.

Rendering issues are completely unrelated to high-DPI display issues. Continuum universally supports 4k rendering (and actually 8k and beyond), so any issues you get in final renders are not related to the high-dpi text scale issues. Please elaborate on the render resolution problems you’re having. Most likely this is a matter of host-settings since Continuum should just follow whatever the host specifies for resolution. But if you’re seeing problems then please give us as much detail as possible.