Vegas Pro 17 and Particle Illusions Very Slow

Hi, I am using Vegas Pro 17 and Particle Illusion. I load Particle Illusion within Vegas Pro 17 and all my interaction within Particle Illusions are very slow. Each of my interaction with Particle Illusion such as click, drag, change setting etc. takes 5 to 10 seconds for each action. I couldn’t sure whether the issues is due to RAM or ROM, or due to Vegas software or other reasons. I have 30 GB spare hard disc space and 10 GB RAM. Please help…

I have that same setup, 'cept I have a powerful i9 PC. Slow in VP17, or within the PI GUI? I find the GUI very good and responsive. But yes, back in VP17 s l o w. I’ve learnt NOT to add pI to an Active Video Event - if possible; reduce Thumbnails in the Event to NONE; make sure you have the various Resample Swiches to to none and make sure you;'ve got Deinterlace OFF. I now exclusively use a 3rd Party Script for Previewing back in VP17 - HappyOtterScripts. It’s got a Kwik Preview that’s is stunningly fast.

I visited IBC last September and quizzed the BORIS Gang about the tardiness of pI in VP17. Maybe one of them would like to chip in here?

I’ve just completed a Celebratory 60th for a friend. I planned to use pI exclusively: Fireworks; Celebratory falling particles . . and Smoke, oh yes, plenty of atmospheric Smoke. I hammered through it with the KPreview of HOS.

PI is truly gorgeous, but yah need to render . . . .

What are the project specs? For instance, is this on 4k footage? Does it happen with all PI emitters, or just specific ones? Have you adjusted them, or are they being used at the defaults? Is it just as slow in PI when you are previewing on black or on a source image rather than source video?

Hello Alan, It is happen with all PI emitters. I am using the defaults. It is just as slow in PI when previewing on black or on a source image. I have upload an image and without image for testing. I have load PI in Vegas and load PI directly for testing too. All are very slow. This morning I have tried again, it is working normal and PI is quite fast but after I upgrade Continuum Boris FX to latest version it became slow again. Headache.

My computer specs: Ryzen 9 3900X, 32GB 3200 RAM, RX480 8GB, NVME C: drive, 2TB SSD and 6TB mechanical storage. Vegas Pro 17 Suite. Preview set to Draft.

I find just loading PI for use in a 1080 60P project slow. I am no expert in using it. I just wanted to see the Library of effects, which loaded also very slow, maybe try a few from the templates just to “see”, and go from there.

The computing power required for particles would be high. What would be the recommended computer hardware to have a smooth editing experience?


I understand the PI will put a lot of demands on the computer hardware, but response

If everything is slow in the PI interface, even the emitter preview when clicking and dragging “Glitter Sparkles 08” or a similar simple emitter and you are on Windows, it may be a video driver issue. Unless your system is using a low-end integrated GPU, you should be able to get 30 fps in the preview window in PI. Try updating your video drivers.

What a difference a day makes. Everything is previewing great!
Nothing different than yesterday except 24 hours…
All is well.

Hello Alan, I think maybe due to RAM or GPU. My computer is 10GB RAM. But I couldn’t understand why PI is okay when I test it before my upgrade to Continuum 2020.5. After the upgrade my interaction with PI is like snail. All my action within PI will take 5 to 10 seconds to complete.