Vegas Pro 17 and Title studio

Bonjour, I have been using Boris Fx Title Studio for several months and everything worked normally, but since a few days when I activate Title Studio, my program crashes. Please, I need your help! Thanks!

This sounds like a situation where it might be best if you opened a case with our Support team to help work through the details:

Did anything change in the meantime such as graphics driver updates, monitor configuration, etc? Please provide as much detail as possible when describing the problem.


The only change was the installation of a photo-program (PhotoInsight) and a de-installation of another one (Dxo Photolab 2). My problem with Title Studio is the same with Extruded Text and some other item.

Thanks for your reply this morning. I filled out a case this weekend, Case Number 00164049.

Can you provide details on exactly what is happening? Support will want to know this too. E.g. Does it crash when you first apply the effect or when you first open the Title Studio UI, or …? Also what exact versions of Continuum, etc.

If it happens when first opening the Title Studio UI you could try setting aside the workspace preferences in this folder to force them to reset to factory defaults:
Just move all those files into a zip on your desktop or something like that to see if it makes a difference.

Does it crash? No

Versions of Continuum (The latest downloaded Friday for Avid 2020.4

I tried looking for the workspaces you outlined but I’m on a MAC and could not find C:\ProgramData\BorisFX\ContinuumOFX\13\Workspaces



Hi, Dan,

I think the forum threads are getting mixed up. This topic was “Vegas Pro 17 and Title Studio”


Hello and thank you for your help,

Unfortunatly my english is not very good and to explain the
problem I made a little video:

My version of Continuum is

I tried to move “Worspaces” , but no differences.




The video did not come through. Could you please try resending it or attaching an external link to it?

You can try :

Let me know!

hmmm - still not seeing a video. You could try emailing it directly to me at:
jclement at borisfx dot com

We got your off-list video link - thanks.

Can you try setting aside the Continuum preferences files which should reset those to factory defaults. Take all the files in this folder (but adjust it for your current version of Continuum - e.g. 2019 or 2020, etc.) and zip them up on move them to the desktop.

C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Local\BorisFX\Continuum 2020

If that helps, please email us the preference file so we can analyze it.


Downloaded the new 2020 version and everything works great. Only frustration now is how difficult it is to move things back and forward when doing box shapes in lower thirds while using Title Studio.



It is the same for me, the new version 2020.5 has made everything back in order. Let’s hope it lasts.
Thank you for the help.

Hi Jason,
I hope you’re okay!
I am sorry but “Title Studio” crashed again.
I tried to remove “preferences files” but it is still the same.
Everything was all right since the upload to “2020.5” but this morning, I tried to open Title Studio in a project I was working on , it crashed and since I can’t launch the UI without freezing the program.