Vegas pro 18 repeated registration issues


Recently bought a Continuum 2021 / Mocha 2021 Bundle and whilst testing various effects of BCC in Vegas Pro 18, I’m continually getting “the product not registered bars.” I think I’ve activated it 10 times or more and now, I can’t even enter a serial number via pasting or typing-in when it happens.

THE ONLY way to remove the bars is to close out of Vegas completely and Open again. I must say, I’ve never encountered this sort of issue with ANY other media software and it seems odd that people who created something so advanced and marvelous as this jewel, can’t seem to get the software to REGISTER ONCE and for good.

I truly hope there’s a solution for this because it’s huge waste of time, not to mention annoyance, and in a world where things HAVE to happen smoothly and fast to keep a creative vibe going…

ANY THOUGHTS toward solving this issue for me (and I suppose others) would be IMMENSELY appreciated!


Hi There,

We would be happy to help you work through this issue. Can you start by describing what you mean by “the product not registered bars” … Continuum will generate a red X through the frame when it thinks the software is unlicensed. Is this what you’re seeing?

Have you you rebooted the system after you entered the license codes? It may seem superfluous but sometimes that can help. If you are still seeing a watermark red X through the renders then can you confirm that the system was on-line with an active internet connection when you activated the license?


Actually, I see that the issue you reported was solved by our support team and is no longer an issue. Glad they were able to sort that out for you.