Vegas Pro 19 and Primatte Studio plugin + extras included

Hi, I just bought and installed Vegas Pro 19 and the Primatte studio plugin that came with it and, in order to install the plugin, I had to install a file that included a lot of other plugins that I don’t have a license for. They are now in my Vegas pro 19 library and I can’t use them nor delete them. I can use “BCC primate studio” but none of the others that start with BCC.

When I installed the Continuum_2021_5_OFX_Hosts_14_5_2_Windows program from your website I was surprised that I could not select what I wanted to be installed. And when I was finished installing it, it asked me for my serial number, which I used there, and it then asked me if I wanted to “Remove all unlicensed plugins” which I gladly said yes to. Compared to installing it completely, this only removed half of the plugins starting with BCC and right now there’s a lot of them in my Vegas Pro 19 Video FX list that I can’t delete nor use - or attempt to use. I don’t even get the red X over my video preview that shows I can’t use the FX plugin, it just won’t apply to my footage at all, like the plugin is deleted but still shows in Vegas pro 19 somehow.

Is there any solution to only install the BCC Primatte studio plugin and not any of the rest, from you guys? Or is there a solution to remove the others that I can’t use? Is this a glitch with the feature that removes the plugins I can’t use due to not having a license for them?

I’ve attached an image of my plugin list for clarity.

Reset Vegas and delete cache.

It will rescan the plugins on next startup.

Or check this post, it should do the same.

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Thanks. That fixed the problem.