Vegas Pro Suite 18 and Boris FX

I have a full license of the Continumm Lights Unit (from Vegas Pro 15 with a upgrade to a full license) and Title Studio. Both are version 2020.5.

When I buy Vegas Pro 18 Suite the package also has 3 other units from Continuum. These 3 are also version 2020.5.

When I install the new 3 units will they wipe out the excisting Lights unit en Title Studio although they are the same version of the software: 2020.5 or will they co-exist?

Thanks for answering my question.


The new 2020.5 units will overwrite the older light unit.

Hi Brian,

You write: ‘overwrite the older unit.’ Does that mean that when the excisting units and the new units will have the same version (as in my case: I updated the Lights Unit), they will not overwrite?



If they overwrite and they are the same versions, how will you know the difference?


good question. I do not know the answer.

I simple want to know if the my units Continuum Lights Unit and Title Studio, both version 2020.5 en permanent license) will co exist with the three units (Continuum Image Restoration Unit, Continuum Particles Unit and Continuum Film Style Unit) from the Vegas Pro 18 Suite, also version 2020.5 ). If they do not function together (the ‘new’ bought Continuum overwrites the existing ‘old’ units), I will not buy Vegas Pro 18 Suite. By the way, that would be strange in my opinion. Then you could never buy the units one by one (same version)!


If the unit licenses you already have are good for 2020.5 and the units coming from Vegas Pro 18 suite are good for 2020.5 then they should all co-exist fine. You could contact the Boris FX sales team to verify your license details to be sure - Boris FX | Contact Us.

The answer to this is yes, the new Continuum Units that you will receive with Vegas Pro 18 will indeed co-exist with the Continuum 2020.5 Units that you already own. They are all from the same version of Continuum and the licenses will not conflict.


all clear!



I bought Magix Vegas Pro 18 Suite!

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Excellent! Let us know how it goes.

the Boris FX continuum package that comes with Vegas pro 18, it there an upgrade package or do i have to buy the whole thing?


At this time, I do not believe there are any upgrade options to go from a bundled unit to the full Continuum but may I suggest calling directly into sales to discuss the options that may be available to you to get the full suite. You can reach them via email at or phone at 888.77.BORIS.