Vegas Pro user , total newbie at Silhouette, with questions

I’m a reasonably experienced VP user and was recently gifted with a copy of Silhouette. I’m not in the film industry

I’ve managed to create a roto project using the Silhouette Paint fx available in VP and I was wondering 2 things.

  1. I’ve roto’d the speaker and painted on the first frame to create a “green screen” behind the speaker in my video, who recorded with a bunch of junk in the background. I started processing the project and quickly realized I need a bigger machine to do this and more memory. It made it through 40 frames or so and I can see I’m at least kind of on the right track. None of this shows up in Vegas Pro though. Where are the intermediate files kept by Silhouette Paint and how do I get them back into VP?

  2. Would I be better served by exporting my video to an image sequence and bringing that into Silhouette (not paint), doing all the painting there, exporting to a sequence, converting to a video and bringing that into VP for final editing?

Ok, 3 things

  1. For a complete newbie is the user manual the best place to get started or are there some “tutorials for newbies” available somewhere? Most of what I’ve seen are feature demos.


When you paint in the Silhouette Paint plug-in and save when leaving the interface, the resulting painted frames will show up in Vegas.

This is certainly option. The Silhouette standalone has quite a bit more features and flexibilty than the paint plug-in.

Check out the videos here: Boris FX | Silhouette 2022

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