Vegas pro users, red line along top and/or left edge?

Hi fellow Vegas pro/mocha pro users.

do you have a red line along a portion of the top or left side (lower 3rd location) of the media view window.

i am trying to track down where this error is coming from
the red line seems to show part of a mask location

I can get one of the two masks to show itself, but only when use mocha pro’s view matte.
(not sure how to do the same in vegas alone)

this screen pic.
it shows an empty event with a media generator solid color (green) added plus mocha pro.

other then using view matte, i haven’t done anything else since opening the project.

anyone else having this issue?

Does that have anything to do with it?

Or could you make a screen recording?

Umm what’s that icon for @SummaryActivityNot?

no, i am not doing any screen recordings, not yet anyway.
i am hooking up my canon t3i thou.

i have found/learned that its a Vegas issue(maybe), its not a BorisFX issue anyway or a combo of the two since i can see that red line just after Vegas startup with nothing in the timeline.

but this issue doesn’t show up on my other computer thou.
i don’t have the same issue on my slower computer. it is a little bit of a difference but pretty much the same software but continuum has a red X as it should, not paid for

i did installed OBS software today , but i was seeing the hidden mask for a few days now. nothing was working out do to my hidden bonus mask/s.

so i guess i reinstall Vegas. after i see if the issue in Vegas Effects thou, just to check.


oh that is the split screen view icon.

spotted that!

and by turning off FX bypass fixed my red line issue.
turns out i can control the size window of that mask.
i am not sure never used it, but i guessing every fx within or under that mask deactivated or as the name implies just bypasses the FXs under it.

i must have turn that on while exploring.

problem solved :+1: