VegasPro19 & Title Studio Files saving questions

Within the TS GUI and VP19 there are several places where TS “Files” can be saved - I get that. What I need to know is what makes Project File differ from a Preset? What makes a TS Preset different from what Appears inside of my VP19 Presets FX Favourites?

Will my Presets ever appear inside the TS Presets Dropdown?

I guess I’m trying to get clarity to simplify my Workflow with regard to using and then RE-USING TS Titles I’ve previously used? Should I be saving the TS Project within the TS GUI? What advantages would I get from that?

Thanks in advance - BG

I’m still here.

@biggrazie … My experience only - saving a project file in Title Studio does not create a preset - it’s much the same as saving a .veg project file in Vegas Pro. The ‘project’ is the single title that you’ve just created in TS, and when I save it as a project file, I save it to a specially named TS folder in the project’s master folder.

Thus far, I haven’t tried to create presets in TS so I am not sure if that is possible even though it would clearly be very desirable.

Yes, I’ll give it a go. A Preset saved in the Vegas shows as a Preset. I’m guessing a Preset saved within TS GUI would give me immediate options for change - in the TS GUI Workspace.

I think there are 3 ways to save in Vegas.

You can save a TS project from TS UI application.

You can save a preset from TS plugin. Then it will appear in the plugin preset dropdown menu but will not show preset thumbnail in Vegas.

Then you can save a Vegas preset. This will show a thumbnail in Vegas.

Yes, thanks for those three, and I’ve explored them too. Now, here’s the thing for us VP Users: What value is saving as a TS Project within the TS GUI? I don’t see my saved TS Project as a option in the TS GUI?

Again, thank you.

One advantage of saving a Title Studio project within the Title Studio GUI is that it can be opened in the standalone Title Studio app - i.e. not going through a host plugin at all. The standalone Title Studio app isn’t heavily used though, so this is not a super common workflow. One big advantage of saving a preset from the Title Studio plugin level is that the preset then appears automatically inside the FX Browser where you can preview and even change the text contents without needing to open the full Title Studio GUI. When you save presets from the Title Studio plugin they can also be freely shared with Title Studio on any host which is another nice advantage over using the Vegas-native presets.

Thanks jc - I’m kinda getting there now. Let me focus-in on your comments:

Understood, and as I’m using TS directly within VP19, I can move on from that. But good to know these things.

And that, right there is where I’m failing: I’m not seeing My Saved Preset appearing within the FX Browser - I must be doing something wrong then?

You need to save the preset from the plugin preset dropdown menu (second screenshot in your first post).

This goes right to the core of my misunderstandings on this. I’m not seeing an option to do that, you do eh?

The Save Preset option is near the top of the Title Studio preset menu:

JC! Thank you. I didn’t even think to look there. So, when I save a preset IN the VP Window this doesn’t automatically save this within the same Window you’ve pointed me at, and thence into the Title Studio FX Browser. Got it!

Tried it just now and noticed one thing.

If you save a preset from the plugin dropdown list it will show up in the FX Browser straight away but not in the dropdown menu.

It will however appear also in the dropdown menu after restarting Vegas.

So it looks like newly created presets show in the FX Browser right after saving them but the dropdown menu list is updated only when you start the host.

Well, that makes complete sense. VP needs to update?

Vegas doesn’t let us update the contents of that menu during the middle of a session so we can only include the newly saved presets in that menu upon the next relaunch of Vegas. But frankly there are so many presets in Title Studio that you’re almost always better off using the FX Browser to select presets anyway. That menu is still useful though for saving new presets or for loading presets from non-default locations.

Sure, but now I know “how-to” I can now move forward and decide with “why-should-I?”.


Thanks, everybody - worked like a charm.