VegasPro20 + Title Studio = PAIN!

My apologies for the terse Subject Header, but this is a whole lot of bad frustrating performance:

1 - Can’t use Presets originated/created/formed in VP19, which still work. Within VP20 I get stuttering and then finally VP20 doesn’t respond at all and then falls over.

2 - Can’t use BORIS Default Presets. I get the same stuttering and then finally VP20 doesn’t respond at all and again falls over.

So, I can’t use my presets and now I can’t use the BORIS Default Preset. I’d have thought this would have been checked out at BORIS QA?

My patience is wearing thin, as it would appear that this - Title Studio - and the “other” issue have fallen between the two stools of BORIS and VegasPro Software.

To test, I just removed GPU Acceleration. Same issue. Image wont display back in VP20. Frames are continually, continually being made, until VP posts Not Responding and then VP Whiteout.

What with the “other” issue, FX Browser, there’s something really nasty going on now, between VP20 and Title Studio.

Hi, I unfortunately can’t repro this,
TS seems to work in VP20 as it does in VP19, however Dynamic RAM & Selective prerender are painfully slow,
Same project in both -
In VP19 Dynamic RAM takes a few seconds,
In VP20 Dynamic RAM i can hardly see the cursor moving,
& Selective prerender really slow 2 of 8 it says at the bottom whereas in VP19 it says 2 of 3 :man_shrugging:

Can you describe your timeline in Vegas better & maybe share one of your ‘Presets originated/created/formed in VP19’ put the .BSP in a zipped folder & drag in a comment here,

VP20 is messed up.

@biggrazie please post your hardware specs so we can attempt to reproduce on a similar system.

Here you go:

PC 10 64-bit 64gb * Intel Core i9 10900X s2066 * EVGA RTX 3080 XC3 Ultra 10GB - Studio Driver 512.06 * 4x16G CorsVengLPX DDR4 2666C16 * Asus TUF X299 MK 2

I do hope that helps.

Hi, latest Studio driver is 516.94

I took a look at this and am also unable to reproduce the slow selective render or the issue with presets.

Could you send along or list the specific TS presets you’re seeing the issue with, especially if they are custom. Also, what does your project look like? are you using 4k footage? Would you be able to send a copy of the project?