Version 12 HDR Support

Will the Plugins in veion12 support HDR Colour ? instead insteaf if just 0-255 ?

Hi, James,

What host are you running in? Continuum already supports HDR in most hosts for most filters, but the new Continuum 2019 release this fall will add HDR support for Premiere.


That is Good,You People Sujest for Me to Get Abobe And Purchase Not Subscribe,I Am saving for Complete Version of BCC But Can find a Way I can Own Adobe Premier And not Subscribe ?

If you’re asking if there is a way to purchase Adobe Premiere instead of subscribing to it, I think the answer is No. Adobe only supports the subscription model for that product, but that’s really a question for Adobe. For Continuum itself we offer both subscription and purchase options.

I am going with purchase The People Who I send in a large request for purchase perfer no subsciptions . Rather Purchase.

I am Running In On Vegas 16 Pro.I Has Used Adobe CC.When the Installer Tries to remove Unlicenced Plugins the Installer Hangs Jon did a Remote Session on my my system and got the same thing.It Looke like even if you uninstall BORISFX Installer forgets to remove the licence files as well.When today are you Going to have Mocha 6 out ?

Vegas 16 Has Support fot HDR and 10 Bit Video :slight_smile: