[Version 8.0.4 build 98.g723fabe62f70] Exporting adjusted track in Mocha AE

Hello. I’m trying to do a screen replacement and I’m using the new Adjust Track. I’m using Mocha AE, not Pro. When I export the corner pin data it doesn’t incorporate changes I made in Adjust Track. How do I export the adjusted track to After Effects? I can find a tutorial on how to export adjusted track data in Mocha Pro, but not for Mocha AE. Any advice? Thank you!

Version 8.0.4 build 98.g723fabe62f70
PC Windows 11

Have you watched this video? After Effects Update: New Mocha AE & Multi-Frame Render Support - YouTube
The “create track” function in Mocha AE should use the Adjusted track data. I just tested to confirm and it does. Just make sure to select the proper layer.

Are you using the Link to Track feature?
If so, make sure you are linking to Adjusted:


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Thank you so much for the reply. I’ll give this a try.