Very long rendering removal

I cant understand the reason for the slow removal of the points on each frame, but sometimes that is very fast and sometimes very slow. Not the first time i am doing this, but the problem is a serious obstacle when you need to quickly remove unwanted objects or points.

Setting illumination model and Dissolve: Interpolate 0.3, Randomize 8.


Tried different values, it does not help anything. But if you include Linear, it goes fast, but I was not happy with it.

Nvidia 690 4GB
Core i7 4790K
RAM 12gb
Mocha Pro 5

sorry for my English )

Illumination modeling is computationally expensive, and you almost certainly don’t need to use dissolve. Delete your dissolve keyframes and the process should go much faster. Illumination modeling usually works just fine with a Linear setting, but caustics and complex lighting require Interpolate. Try also closing the gap in how many Frames Before and After you use in your settings and also increase your Step value.

Try that and also make sure you do not have too many layers in your remove. This should speed your remove up dramatically.

Let me know and I will be happy to help you!


Thanks for the answer!

I found another option remove objects)) in one of your lessons was an option as to delete the text on the wall, creating a camera mapping, and then save the frame, making cleaning in Photoshop or AE. this option is much more convenient, but it depends on what material …)

If the light changes, it is necessary to work in the “remove”

Zaur Huseynov

Perfect! I am glad you are all set!